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Planet Clicker 2

About Planet Clicker 2


Planet Clicker 2 is the ultimate space-themed clicker game for you. You build an empire by farming resources, trading with other players, and defusing crises.

A significant improvement to the original Planet Clicker is Planet Clicker 2. The game's fundamental gameplay has undergone many improvements, including an increase in the number of structures you may construct, the addition of new crisis events and crises, and more. A new social component that enables users to interact with other players from across the globe was also included in Planet Clicker 2. Finding individuals who share your interests and have similar values is now simpler than ever thanks to the ability to trade things or have in-game conversations with other gamers. The reason Planet Clicker 2 is among the finest clicker games ever created is that it incorporates all of its best elements while also fixing some of its flaws from earlier editions. Even if it was flawless, Planet Clicker 2 may be the finest illustration yet of what makes this genre so compelling.

How to play

In Planet Clicker 2, the goal is to establish an empire and gather resources. You may choose to play the game automatically, but clicking on your structures as they create resources is the ideal way to play (such as corn or bricks). Additionally, doing this will hasten your rank advancement. Bonuses in Planet Clicker 2 come in a variety of forms. By selecting one of the several advertisements that show on the screen, you might get the first reward, which is a straightforward cash bonus. The second bonus kind is a crisis that periodically occurs and requires you to enter a number into an equation in order to resolve it before it explodes and causes devastation in your community. Depending on how soon you diffuse the situation, you'll get a certain number of coins as compensation. The third kind of bonus presents from other players, which sometimes appear and normally provide you a little amount of money but occasionally offer rarer rewards like plans for new structures or precious materials like uranium.

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