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Poppy Dungeons

About Poppy Dungeons


Poppy Dungeons is one of the best shooting blue Poppy games for you to experience. Show your shooting ability and judgment to not get killed

In Poppy Dungeons, hold on to your rifle! You're surrounded by foes who don't seem to want to stop until you're dead. As a result, fight back and strive hard to reach your independence. Are you prepared for the most important battle of your life?

You've been abandoned in the midst of a dark dungeon. You can only rely on your targeting abilities and yourself. This implies that anybody you meet in the dungeon today is an adversary to shoot. If you do not defeat your opponents, they will shoot you. As a result, be attentive at all times and keep an eye on who may appear in front of you. You may manoeuvre your character throughout the dungeon by dragging the on-screen joystick. Apart from a large number of armed guys, the huggy huggy monster will be your main adversary. Continue shooting it until you eliminate it and get your key to the dungeon's exit. Don't forget to gather your coins so you can improve your abilities and weaponry. Now, for the next 15 levels, concentrate on killing your adversaries to gain your freedom!

Features in Poppy Dungeons:

  • 3D graphics
  • Dingy dungeon setting
  • Collectable weapons
  • Taking on adversaries
  • Aiming and firing are done automatically.

How to play Poppy Dungeons:

  • On a PC, use the mouse to move around. On mobile devices and tablets, use the joystick to move around.

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