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Rabbids Volcano Panic

About Rabbids Volcano Panic


Rabbids Volcano Panic is a game that excites you right from the start with its colorful graphics. Your mission is to collect items to avoid the wormholes

There is no way out of Rabbids Volcano Panic because the bottom is actually lava. This game will take you on a journey from the heavens to the fiery center of the planet. It'll make you sweat a little, but who better to help this puffy cutie than you? But don't get too comfortable; the lava is real.

You won't be able to prevent yourself from falling, but you may delay it. It would be easier if you were alone in the arena, but you'll be competing against eleven other people from all around the world. Being humble will not help you survive, so don't get too worked up if others perish while you strive to be the last one standing. Our goal is to run until everyone else dies, despite the fact that our feet are burned. It's critical not to stay too long on one tile, or the tiles underneath you will collapse and produce a hole. You won't believe how rapidly these levels disintegrate when 12 terrified bunnies rush on them continually. Collect money to unlock skins later, and any dice you can get for perks like a speed boost or tile-healing feet. You can unlock specific skins even if you don't have any money by watching short adverts, so don't give up hope and acquire a new appearance!

Features in Rabbids Volcano Panic:

  • 2D graphics in vibrant colors
  • Character design that is very detailed
  • There are around 25 different skins to choose from.
  • Occurrences in mode

How to play Rabbids Volcano Panic:

  • Make a move to avoid the stage from collapsing.

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