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Raft Wars

About Raft Wars


Raft Wars is a level-based aiming game that is very popular with professional gamers because of its really interesting experiences. Will you survive?

In Martijn Kunst's entertaining, level-based shooter game Raft Wars, you and your brother Simon will have to defend your loot from a variety of enemies. To fend off Vikings, pirates, gangsters, and other enemies, you'll initially only have a raft and a few tennis balls at your disposal. By attacking your opponent, you can make them fall off the raft or drain them of health until they do. By taking calculated hits, you can earn money that can be used to upgrade rafts, rockets, and grenades. Raft Wars, originally designed with Flash, is now playable on desktop and mobile in HTML5.

How to play

On our website, you may play this game by just clicking, aiming at the target, and firing. With your raft and initially only a few tennis balls, you'll need to concentrate on your aim and strength to battle Vikings, pirates, gangs, and more! You can strike your opponent to cause them to fall off their raft or torment them until they drown. By strategically shooting, you may earn money to buy grenades, rockets, and raft upgrades. Pick an angle with your mouse to start. After that, you may change the power by moving your mouse up and down. Tennis balls and other items you have already gathered will be used to kick out your enemies as your main goal. Be mindful of enemy cover fire when you are aiming at them.

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