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Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore

About Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore


Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore is a new survival game where monsters surround you with letters of the alphabet. Try to survive as long as possible.

How to play this game

  • Make your character move with the help of a joystick.
  • You may avoid the monsters that appear in the alphabet by using the "box" button.
  • Collect the necessary things in order to finish the quest.
  • Keep running as quickly as you can! No more time is available for you.
  • Be careful not to let the beasts capture you.
  • Work along with the other players to make it through the stages more quickly.

This school is not like others since the alphabet monsters have complete control over everything that goes on there. Are you able to lend the pupils of the alphabet your assistance in gathering all of the cubes and restoring harmony to their playground? Don't worry about it; you can trick the creatures that are around by disguising yourself as a box. If you think you can handle the excitement, press the play button to go to the initial gameplay mode. Students remain seated in their classrooms during this mode, waiting for the countdown to reach zero before the beginning of the match. After being freed, you will be able to search the buildings and the yard for the cubes by using caution. Be wary of the arrows, since they may point you in the direction of a cube. Be on the lookout at all times for the letter monster, since there is no escaping its assaults. You may utilize the box as a hiding place while looking for the last parts of the puzzle surrounding the terrifying beast. Collaborate as a group to defeat the creatures and advance through the levels before the timer runs out.

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