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Real Flight Simulator 3D

About Real Flight Simulator 3D


Real Flight Simulator 3D is a game that helps you experience the feeling of flying your own plane with an extremely realistic feeling. Drive safely.

With Real Flight Simulator 3D, rule the skies! Learn to fly heavy metal birds, perform objectives, and pass levels! With each level, hone your flying abilities, stay up with the rising difficulty, and discover new aircraft to fly! Let's test your ability to operate these devices!

You may pick up flying talents, complete tasks, amass gold coins, and purchase new aircraft to fit your improving flying abilities! Can you master flying, develop your talents, and complete the objectives as the levels grow harder and harder? We'll find out. Let's begin with your training for flights!


Nice 3D graphics

Stunning backgrounds and maps

Helping tutorials

Unlockable planes

Available on mobile

How to play

Utilize the arrow keys to increase the plane's speed from the right.

To finish the mission, achieve the objective. You must avoid running into mountains and oceans. Avoid getting lost and straying; you might lose your chance at winning.

To prevent collisions, stay away from the balloons and zeppelins and keep an eye on the purple line. As you go, gather the gold coins in the arena at each checkpoint.

With each task, money is earned. Save the cash to buy the aircraft of your dreams. Find the best flying device for you by purchasing and testing every model. Good fortune!

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