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Retro Bowl

About Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is a very famous football game. You will be participating in extremely fierce top football matches. Do you have the confidence to coach the team?

The goal of the retro-style American football game known as Retro Bowl is to coach your team to victory at the conclusion of each season in order to get a trophy. Your responsibility as a manager is to both sign and cut players. Because the NFL is a complicated league, it might be challenging to succeed every season, particularly the first one. Use your judgment while managing!

The most crucial aspect of this game is roster management, therefore you should focus on that. Get the greatest quarterback possible since they are one of the most crucial players in the Retro Bowl game. Success depends on your team committing fewer errors than the opposition.

Advice and Methods

  • You might carelessly spend money on quarterbacks with a strong arm and accuracy
  • Utilize your coaching points for season two.
  • Be particularly ready for the playoffs.

How to play Retro Bowl:

  • You may kick the ball through the goalposts or go into the end zone of the other squad to score a touchdown.

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