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Return Man Football

About Return Man Football


Return Man Football is a game that gives you the opportunity to experience playing with the strongest teams today. Put on your jersey and prepare to fight.

Return Man Football in football enables you to become a member of a football team and engage in fierce combat against other players. The sport of football is very taxing on the body and needs not just quickness but also strength. Your adversaries are patiently waiting for you, and they will do whatever in their power to prevent you from achieving victory! Are you able to display your ability by guiding your team to win while also scoring goals?

Are you ready to provide a magnificent performance that will blow the minds of the audience members? When you get onto the field, you should make sure to be dressed in the colors of your team and that you are wearing your helmet since competitiveness is a significant part of this game. The objective of this game is for the player to score goals by moving the ball all the way from the starting point to the end of the touchdown line that is located on the grass field. Simply pressing the "play" button will start the game. The screen for choosing the team will then display. There are 10 different teams available, but you will only be able to choose one of them when you first begin playing the game. Gaining victories in matches will unlock the subsequent ones. After you've decided whose team you're going to support, you'll get to play on the field. It's almost time to start the game! To participate in the game, you must use your mouse. You may move the ball about the playing field by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it as you work toward getting it into the scoring zone. Be quick! As soon as you take possession of the ball, players from the other side will make a beeline toward you. They will make an effort to assault you and steal the ball from you; thus, you should do all in your power to avoid them. Accumulate a sufficient number of points to prove that you are the game's most valuable player.


  • There are 10 different teams available for selection.
  • Graphics in two dimensions with color.
  • Playing might be challenging.
  • Convenient controls.

How to play

  • Keep your competitors at bay as you race to the finish line with the ball.

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