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Rocket Soccer Derby


About Rocket Soccer Derby


Rocket Soccer Derby is an excellent imitation of the popular Rocket League video game, which is popular among gamers, broadcasters, and internet users.

Players in this futuristic racing sports game are equipped with demolition derby-style booster cars that can crash into balls to achieve amazing action goals. Your soccer racing prowess will be put to the ultimate test thanks to breathtaking visuals and super realistic car mechanics!

Features in Rocket Soccer Derby:

  • High-octane automobile soccer
  • Multiplayer in real-time (online teams 3 Vs 3)
  • Automobile tricks, such as leaping out of a moving car
  • A goal is scored.
  • Car damage and deformation that is realistic
  • Extensive vehicle modification
  • League mode for the season
  • Aesthetics of a smooth automobile
  • Acquire achievements and progress through the levels.
  • Stunning visuals

How to play Rocket Soccer Derby:

  • W accelerates, A, D steers, S reverses, space leaps, nitro L-shifts, and F controls the ball camera.
  • The blue team will face off against the red team both locally and online.
  • Upgrades that make you faster, and more powerful, and provide you with additional power-ups can sometimes be located on the map/pitch that you can grab and utilize.

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