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Sauna Run


About Sauna Run


Sauna Run is an addictive obstacle course game. The combination of attracting customers to use the service and avoiding obstacles makes this game attractive.

Enjoy the addicting obstacle course game Sauna Run, in which you must try your best to collect an endless number of customers while avoiding obstacles along the road and accumulating bundles of cash that will enable you to grow your company.

It doesn't even make sense! However, if you want to survive each race and get the highest possible score, you will need to maneuver with patience and delicacy if you want any chance of doing so. Don't lose a single client along the road, and if you do, don't let it be because of a poor decision you made. Instead, focus on making your sauna the greatest and most well-known in the whole city.

How to play

  • Control the platform of the sauna using the mouse.

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