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Save the Kitten

About Save the Kitten


Save the Kitten is an exciting action and adventure game in which you have to control a father cat to catch the kittens and take them safely to their mother.

The cat Tom is always jealous of you for having a happy and peaceful family. One day, he got angry and took your poor children and threatened to throw them down from the tall building. As a father, you cannot leave your children alone. Use the trampoline to catch and bring the kittens back to their mother's protection. You have 50 seconds to rescue as many kittens as you can. If the kittens touch the ground, they will die.

After each rescued kitten, you get an extra gold coin. Try to free as many kittens as you can within the time limit. Good luck!

Besides that, you can unlock new shoes and trampolines for your character to improve your speed and the ability to recuse kittens. You also receive time bonuses by opening the treasure chest.

Feature of Save the Kitten

  • The intriguing arcade game
  • Singleplayer
  • The limited-time

How to control

  • Use the left or right arrow key to move to two sides

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