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The game was influenced by the snake game. You will be changed into a marine monster in this game, looking for food to live at the ocean's bottom.

You take on the role of a mythical creature that lives in the ocean's depths and competes with others of its type for existence. One feeds fish and plankton orbs to grow longer and bigger. If you are bigger, you pose a greater threat to other sea dragons. You could receive new cards featuring various sea dragon species as you complete missions.

Ways to play

To control your dragon's movement, drag the mouse. To move your dragon, simply click or hold down the left mouse button.
Just keep in mind that running makes you lighter. Use it with caution.

Your body's length affects how long you live. The longer you are, the more dragons you are likely to catch. But be careful; no matter how much weight you put on, keep your head away from other people's bodies. Failure is the result of one mistake.

Collect cards to level up existing species and unlock new ones. A dragon's initial body length increases with level.

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