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Short Life

About Short Life


Short Life is a short-life simulation game with a lot of character difficulties. Your job is to control the poor man through difficulties. Be mentally prepared.

What are your objectives? Just make sure you don't perish. Attempt to complete each level without getting horribly murdered by the spikes, saws, explosives, and a variety of other nasty traps. Pay heed to the on-screen suggestions; they may save your life, and attempt to gather all of the stars along the route to unlock new characters. How many times will you die trying to accomplish all of the levels? Isn't it true that life is short? Right now, find out! Have a good time with Short Life!

A video game hero's life might be cut short, especially if they take needless risks. And in the game Short Life, you will assist your heroin in reaching the conclusion of each level alive... and whole! You may also have a good time experimenting with all the many ways your character might die. There are plenty of ways to murder your hero, like being sawed, crushed like a mashed pot, stabbed by an arrow, or burst by an incendiary barrel.

How to play Short Life:

  • There are a lot of traps waiting for you.
  • To dodge the traps, you can leap, crouch, run, and hold.
  • Heroes that can be unlocked

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