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Join the action skill game to show off your amazing running abilities! This is a unique running game with stunning graphics that you cannot miss.

About game

Game missions is a game of skill where you have to jump and climb a giant tower made from various objects.

Use jumping skill

Test your jumping ability: You can overcome barriers using various jumping techniques. For example, to climb towering objects, you can double jump. You can even rotate your jump to change the direction of your flight.

Some tips for you

You can attempt the climb in one go, or you can use checkpoints along the way to save your progress. But be careful! You will have to restart if you fail to use the checkpoint and miss the jump!

Choose the appropriate route: There are many options for you to climb the tower. While some routes may be shorter, they may also be easier. While some routes may be shorter, they can also be more complicated. Choose a route based on your goals and skills.

Take advantage of everything: You can use the tower's objects to your advantage to jump higher, farther, or faster. For example, a trampoline can be used for long jumps, a wheelbarrow for high jumps, and a bus for fast jumps.

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