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Skeletons Vs Goblins


About Skeletons Vs Goblins


Skeletons Vs Goblins is a very interesting game for you to explore the limits of your sensitivity with whoever you want. Your task is to act fast.

When was the last time you saw a group of goblins and skeletons dashing over a creek that was encircled by lava? It seems like a long time has gone. Goblins would often be seen leaping through a raging river of heat as they left the house a few years ago, but today, here we are. They're back, and this time they need your help. They seem to have lost the ability to travel between points without passing through Lava Town (population: a few).

Below are the game's rules. Tap the right side of your screen to allow the goblins to jump over or around the barrier. To assist the skeletons in getting over or over their obstacles, tap the left side of the screen. It seems really simple, doesn't it? Left skeletons, right goblins. Gotcha.

The urge to tap left or right will come when the fates of this skeleton crew and goblin gang are in your hands. The difficulty of this game is higher than it first seems.

But don't be alarmed. You are able to do this. These skeletons and goblins may not show it, but they believe in you and are extremely grateful for your help.

How to play Skeletons Vs Goblins:

  • The right side of the click should be true kernel on the left.

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