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Description is a very interesting drawing game where you will be joining players around the world. You can draw people to guess and vice versa.

You get to choose your favorite character when you first start the game. You may either establish a private room to play with your close pals or join the game alone with all of your random friends. The game offers 26 distinct languages for you to pick from, including English, Italian, Estonian, Korean, Hungarian, and more. New players to may be a bit confused at first, but after reading the game's instructions thoroughly, it will become clearer.

A room may only hold a maximum of 12 players for the game. Within 80 seconds, each player in the game room will choose one of the three given phrases to sketch on the screen. The other participants will have to rapidly jot down their guesses as to what the selected individual is sketching. The word is highlighted at the top of the playing screen; this tells you how many letters there are, which is also a great suggestion for you. If you correctly identify the word within the allotted time, you will get extra points. When you are drawing, attempt to imagine and time your strokes such that everyone in the room can correctly guess the word you are trying to illustrate. You can see who correctly predicted the answer the quickest and received the highest score by looking at the results screen after each round.

How to play

  • To draw press the left mouse button, and to guess press the keyboard.

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