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Slice Master


About Slice Master


Slice Master is an idle game that can help you relieve stress effectively. In this game, you control the knife to cut fruits into pieces to score points.

Game missions

You cut everything your way with a knife. Hamburgers, coffee cups, cubes, and coconuts are among the things you can cut out. The game will end if you cannot avoid the pink obstacles. Your score increases as you chop more objects. Strive for the goal to maximize your bonus points at the end of each level. Adding and multiplying will yield the highest score. By collecting coins in the game, you can also unlock various types of knives.

Many types of vegetables in this game

The things you can cut include many types of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and bananas. When you successfully chop them, you will have processed ingredients to make soup. You will then go to the next level.

Some tips in the game Slice Master

  • Try to make as many cuts as possible to turn your vegetables into small pieces.
  • You will receive scores corresponding to the cuts you make successfully.
  • You need to avoid cutting pieces of wood that appear unexpectedly on the track. Because it will cause your knife to vibrate. You have to wait a while before you can
  • Continue making other cuts.

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