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Slope 3D Ball

About Slope 3D Ball


Let's start the challenge of rolling the ball downhill and collecting diamonds in the game Slope 3D Ball. Let's get started and get a high score to set a record!


You will control your ball to roll down the slope. However, this is not easy because many obstacles are raised blocks. You need to avoid bumping into them. Also, you should collect as many diamonds as possible.

Game characteristics

The Slope 3D Ball game has similarities with other games of the same genre. It has the same gameplay and graphics as the original. However, this game has its unique creative points. About color and task of collecting blue diamonds.

Some notes for you

  • In the game Slope 3D Ball, you need to react quickly to avoid the square blocks rising on the fairway.
  • You need to know how to focus on the rolling path to be able to detect obstacles.
  • Coming to the arrow-shaped squares, you need to be ready to control the ball to accelerate.
  • Collect as many blue diamonds as possible. However, you should not focus too much on collecting diamonds because it will cause you to fall off the fairway.

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