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Slope Cyber

About Slope Cyber


Slope Cyber is a game with a completely new version to let you experience the peak of emotions when conquering the space road. Let's discover it now

A game in which players must balance natural forces in order to keep a slingshot ball in the air for as long as possible. Switch gravity to steer the ball to its target and solve riddles. To keep the ball in the air for as long as possible, launch it from the top of the screen. Collect things in the environment to get energy. But be cautious! It's game over if you run out of oxygen. If the ball reaches the ground or you run out of energy, the game is finished. Collect stars to get access to new colored balls. To unlock Hyper Slope, collect all of the stars. Hyper Slope is a gravity-based slingshot game. You must launch the ball and maintain it in the air for as long as possible in this game. To steer the ball towards the goal, you must alter gravity. However, you must exercise caution because if you do not arrive at the goal with enough air or if you run out, the game is finished. Collect stars to get access to new coloured balls.

The slope is a unique arcade game that combines speed and skill. The aim is to direct a ball through a succession of progressively difficult courses while avoiding obstacles and collecting stars by tilting your tablet. The better your score, the quicker you go! Each stage's goal is to get to the finish line with the fewest hits possible. You have three attempts before having to restart from the beginning. Can you get to the top of the leaderboards and show you've got what it takes to triumph on the slopes?

Slope is a one-of-a-kind game that combines classic action platforming, puzzle-solving, and arcade gaming components. You control a little blue sphere that rolls downhill as in the old days. Our reality, unlike that of our infancy, is not flat. Some challenges are more difficult than others. On your journeys, you could come across useful things and mysteries, as well as a buddy or two.

How to play Slope Cyber:

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to control the ball

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