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Snake Rush

About Snake Rush


Snake Rush is a game made up of fun things with completely renewed gameplay. Instead of hunting, your snake needs to avoid obstacles that appear.

Snake Rush is a free game that plays like an avoider. Prepare your pointing fingers and get ready to work your way through level after level of challenges as you slither through the game. In this slithery good time, you'll be tasked with navigating a labyrinth comprised of perilous figures while assisting a pal who is a snake. It is assumed that the snake will perish if you direct it toward any of these obstacles and cause them to collide with it. As the player, it is your responsibility to control the speed, direction, and overall velocity of the snake, as well as to ensure that it does not collide with any of the surrounding walls. If you are successful in completing this objective, you will be allowed to go to the next and final stage of the game. Because even a single error will result in definite death for both you and your snake, your score will be determined only by how quickly you complete the challenges. Try it out and then tell a friend about it.

How to play

  • Use a mouse or keyboard to move your snake.

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