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Space Roll


About Space Roll


Welcome to the difficult rolling ball control game called Space Roll. Your task is to control your ball on a path in space with many obstacles and holes.

Game missions

Your task in the game Space Roll is to control your ball to move on a challenging path. This is a difficult challenge for you. This road has many holes. It's very difficult to observe. You can easily fall into this hole at any time. In addition, you also have to find a way to overcome the square blocks moving on the road.

This is a difficult task that requires players to concentrate highly. You need to be persistent to be able to go further on this road.


  • You move the ball to the sides by pressing the arrow keys right and left.
  • You can control the ball to jump up to fly through the hole by pressing the up arrow key.

The new feature of Space Roll

The Space Roll game has many innovative features that give gamers new experiences. Compared to the Slope game, your path in this game is wider. Therefore, you will be able to handle the ball more easily. But that also means gaps in space are harder to see. Therefore, you must pay close attention. In this game, the ball does not move too fast. Beginners still find curling hair simple without much effort. You also encounter many obstacles along the way, which makes moving very difficult. To progress in this game, you must be able to recognize and react quickly.

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