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Spooky Island


About Spooky Island


Spooky Island is a fiery adventure game full of charisma. You need to destroy all the monsters that appear on your land. Let's expand your land.


Kill creatures, then exchange their bones for money.

Killing monsters and gathering their bones for gold trading. Your island may be upgraded and expanded with the gold you earn.

Purchase newer, stronger swords.

Upgrade your weapon for more strength and style as you hack and slash your way through enemies. When you increase the damage and speed of your weapon, its appearance is completely transformed.
Unlock hidden turrets and weaponry

Arms bombard the adversary. You'll get more opportunities to employ various weapons as you go. You may construct a guard tower to shoot the creatures automatically. You may sometimes see an advertisement for extremely awesome weaponry like a minigun, which you can use to shoot the creatures to death.

Visit new places for a novel experience.

Then you may set sail for the next site, where there will be tougher creatures and more challenges to overcome, after bringing carnage and peace to the island.


  • Left mouse button or WASD with move

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