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Square Bird

About Square Bird


Square Bird is the most fun game today to keep you entertained. All very amazing just one click to pass the challenge. Be the best player and earn lots of gold

Square Bird, be ready because you'll need to lay eggs to survive. Birds don't usually lay eggs on a regular basis, but the one in this game is unusual. You must be attentive and aware of your surroundings since there are so many barriers to conquer and stages to finish.

The region contains full of hills and other features that may cause a traveling bird difficulty. Your aim in this game is to go through each level without clashing with any obstacles. You may play the game with your mouse, so start by clicking on the screen. Your avatar will walk on its own, but you must click on the screen to have it lay eggs. As a result, your character will be able to sit on its eggs and navigate over platforms and holes. Reaching the exact height of a platform and moving on it will boost your heat. You'll enter fever mode when you get three fever points, which allows you to fire bullets at things in your path for a brief time. The eggs you deposit will turn into money while you're in fever mode. These may be used to purchase character skins from the game's in-game store.

How to play Square Bird:

  • To avoid striking things, click to build a tower out of square eggs. You obtain a "perfect" landing if you manufacture just the proper quantity of eggs to escape the barrier.
  • Get cash to upgrade your bird's skins and levels! When you make three flawless landings, Fever mode is enabled, which causes Square Bird to fire blocks ahead of him, destroying everything in his path.
  • This shooting makes the level a lot simpler to complete. To get a lot of points, go into fever mode as much as possible.

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