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Strike Galaxy Attack


About Strike Galaxy Attack


Strike Galaxy Attack is an extremely attractive shooting game. In this game, you control a spaceship and shoot birds that block your way forward.

Features of Strike Galaxy Attack game

This game is one of the addictive games because of its attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics.

Game genre

Strike Galaxy Attack belongs to the action shooting game genre.

Game graphics

This game has stunning 3D graphics. You will experience the feeling of adventure in a mysterious space of the galaxy. Surrounded by night and stars. Flying rockets are also simulated realistically and beautifully. The bullet shooting effect of the game Strike Galaxy Attack is amazingly beautiful.

Game missions

You are a warrior controlling a flying rocket. You need to shoot to destroy all the birds that are blocking your way. Try to reach the end to meet the boss bird and defeat it to win the level.

How to play Strike Galaxy Attack

You control your combat missile by moving the mouse.

Bullets are fired in automatic mode so you just need to direct the combat missile to destroy as many birds as possible.

You need to pay attention to the bullets that the birds drop.

Additionally, when reaching higher levels, this bird attacks you by flying straight down. Be proactive in such situations.

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