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Stupid Zombies


About Stupid Zombies


Stupid Zombies is an extremely dramatic zombie shooting game that cannot be missed. In this game, your mission is to shoot down all the zombies.

Game features

Game missions

In the game Stupid Zombies, you will play the role of a hero fighting scary zombies. They are very numerous and aggressive. You need to destroy them quickly with just one gun. Show off your amazing shooting abilities by defeating the zombies.

Multi-level game

Stupid Zombies game has a total of 960 levels waiting for you to conquer.


You use the mouse to aim. Once you have accurately aimed at the zombie, open fire by clicking the left mouse button.

Some tips in Stupid Zombies game

  • Remember you are alone in Zombies are crowded. Not only that, you only have a certain amount of ammo. When using bullets, you must be strategic and tactical. Shoot straight or use barriers to your advantage so bullets can move in a zigzag pattern and still kill all enemies.
  • Use grenades wisely: they can clear difficult places and kill many zombies at once. Please use them appropriately.
  • In Stupid-zombie, you can earn up to three stars in each level by using less ammo to complete the challenge. Furthermore, you will also be able to access several levels using different concepts.

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