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About Sudoblocks


An amazing puzzle game called Sudoblocks offers a completely unique experience when compared to other games in the same genre. Let's conquer this game.

Sudoblocks is a tile-matching puzzle game that combines the sudoku and block genres. The goal of the game, which is essentially a block game, is to empty the board by using the items on the right to complete straight lines or fill up 3x3 squares. This notion comes from the Sudoku crossword puzzle. Undo, demolish, rotate, and swap are some of your game-winning power-ups that are maintained on the left side. You may choose from three different game kinds to match your mood: standard, timed, or leisurely. There is even a night mode! Sudoblocks is a unique puzzle game that you won't find anywhere else!

How to play

  • You may choose an element from the right container and drop it on an empty block by pushing and holding down the left mouse button.

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