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SuperTrucks Offroad Racing


About SuperTrucks Offroad Racing


SuperTrucks Offroad Racing is a game that allows you to race against computer-controlled opponents on a variety of tracks, including sand, mud, snow, and asphalt.

You'll get to test your off-road driving skills in a number of challenging environments, including sand, mud, snow, and asphalt, making this one of the most entertaining truck and automobile games available. You may customize the appearance of your dirt vehicle by choosing from a variety of paints, decals, and tire sets that range from standard to legendary. As you go through the game and open crates, you'll be able to acquire additional cosmetic stuff for your truck, making this one of the most thrilling racing games where you can customize the way your vehicle looks. It is one of the most thrilling action vehicle racing games because, while the racing action begins off sluggish, as you increase your truck engine, tires, suspension, and nitro, things grow quicker.


  • Up arrow key: Accelerate
  • Down arrow key: brake
  • Left arrow key: steer left
  • Right arrow key: steer right
  • Z: nitro
  • X: reset the truck
  • Esc: pause

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