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About Swingo


Swingo is an entertaining arcade game. You can move anywhere using special hands, but remember to help the frog eat the fruit as quickly as possible.

Swingo is a fun arcade game that combines the platform and action gaming genres. You have control of a cute, bouncing character that can only move by using a grappling hook. Draw yourself in the desired direction by pulling the hook! Your character will bounce and swing about until you reach the fruit at the end of each level. Each level you successfully finish awards you points, and the more points you earn, the more exciting new characters you may unlock. The first animal is a frog, will you be able to find them all? You'll love finding the mysteries in Swingo's innovative and colorful levels!

Do new characters in Swingo have unlockable levels?

  • There are several unique, original Swingo characters in the game that may be unlocked. They were all derived from animals.

How to play

  • With the grappling hook, one may move about.
  • To aim and fire, use the left mouse to click, drag, and release.

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