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Table Tennis Pro

About Table Tennis Pro


Table Tennis Pro is a true competitive sports game where you show off your athletic prowess. Choose your country's flag and fight like a pro

Everyone in Table Tennis Pro is holding their breath and thinking about the big event. Every spectator is silent, and the only sound is a pin pong ball rebounding off the table. Your opponent is ready and waiting for your move. This is your chance to show off your playing prowess! Now reach out with both of your limbs to strike the match!

There are just a few seconds left before the big competition. Everyone is happy, but you need to take a deep breath to calm down. This is the last triumphant night. This sports game's 3D tennis match simulation and many game options will have you hooked to the screen for hours of fun!

How to play

There are three main game kinds that you may initially choose from. The first option involves playing a game, earning money and points, and competing against actual people to win.

The three available difficulty settings are Friendly, World Cup, and All-Stars. In the second option, you may play against actual opponents to prove that you are the best player around! In the third and final mode, you may choose a degree of difficulty and hone your skills. To instantly win games, drag the mouse!


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