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Tanuki Sunset


About Tanuki Sunset


Tanuki Sunset game lets you experience an amazing skateboard ride. Your mission is to control the Tanuki to conquer the beautiful high road in the sunset scene.

Game graphics

Tanuki Sunset game has beautiful 3D graphics. The details are simulated in an incredibly realistic way. Beautiful sunset scene with the main purple color. What appears before your eyes will make you feel unforgettable. The slide is designed to float artistically in the air.

Game missions

Tanuki needs your help to perform skateboarding tricks to score points and get to Sunset Island. You must assist Tanuki in collecting roulette bonuses, performing incredible slides, and skating safely.

Some tips

  • To participate in bonus roulette and earn more points, collect 20 Tanuki Bits. Turn it on as often as possible. To dump the Toolkit and earn lots of bonus points, just tap the circle next to it.
  • Almost everything has value, save from simple operations. So try to do as many tricks as possible.
  • You can answer the phone to receive new targets. Collect baby pandas for companions and change the game's music and colors by swiping on the cassette.

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