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Temple Run 2

About Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is a classic game for all those who are passionate about running. Graphics have been upgraded and challenges are waiting for you to conquer

Do you have what it takes to seize the golden idol? Now that you're being pursued by a massive monster, you must flee! To get away from it, you must sprint on the trail. There are a lot of obstacles on the road, so you'll have to leap, duck, or move left and right to escape them. You may face a variety of obstacles, including a rope that you must slide on to avoid falling into the abyss, several rocks and tiles that you must leap over to avoid being captured by the monster, and spinning spikes and fire that you must jump over or duck under. You also have to turn onto another path to not fall off or hit the wall, or trees.

How to play Temple Run 2:

Some obstacles will knock you out completely, while others will merely slow you down, making you more vulnerable to the monster. If you are slowed down twice, the monster will catch you. There are coins strewn along the walkway, and you'll have to travel left or right to gather them. Collecting coins will fill your ability meter, and once it is full, you may use your ability. The default ability is a boost, which allows you to skip a few steps ahead of the obstacles. Coins are also useful for upgrading the many different abilities you may come across on your path, such as the magnet, which attracts coins to your location, the shield, which protects you from obstacles but not from failing to turn to a different path, and finally, the boost, which skips ahead a bit and protects you from everything.

There are challenges that you can complete for coins; each day, a new challenge will be presented to you, and completing it will reward you with increasingly more coins; the challenge will last for 5 days, and on the last day, you will be given the opportunity to open a large chest containing a large number of coins. As you proceed through the challenges, they will become more difficult. Aside from the regular path, there are a variety of other paths you may encounter, such as the river, which is similar to the regular path except you are in water and there are rocks and other types of obstacles, and the mineshaft, where you are in a minecart and must pass various obstacles by swinging your cart left or right. You can run on another road that contains falling stones that disrupt the way ahead of you, which you must jump over.


  • Use the WASD key to move through the challenges

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