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Time Shooter 3: SWAT

About Time Shooter 3: SWAT


Time Shooter 3: SWAT is the most anticipated new first-person shooter game right now. You will transform into SWAT to destroy all evil terrorists

Release the hostages and defeat the terrorists. The Time Shooter series is expanded with Time Shooter 3: SWAT, which includes various new features and challenges. The orange guys have been recognized as terrorists, and it is your job to eliminate them and liberate the captives.

What's new in the third installment of Time Shooter?

Official SWAT gear, like riot shields, helmets, and body armor, has been seized by these porcelain pirates. Soldier, you'll have to use all of your tactical skills to eliminate them and save the prisoners. Break through the doors with a battering ram or a shotgun, then use body-shattering violence to restore justice.

Tips for Time Shooter 3

  • Before you make a move, be sure you're aware of your surroundings.
  • Make a list of the weapons you'll employ.
  • Extra protection can be provided by using riot shields.
  • Choose the weapon that is most suited for each assignment.


  • In 3D, there are epic slow-mo gunfights.
  • Various weapons with which to inflict harm
  • Several new features and challenges have been added.
  • In your web browser, you may play for free.

How to play Time Shooter 3: SWAT:

  • LMB - Pick up / Shoot RMB - Throw WASD - Movement F - Pick up / throw the shield.

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