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Description is a unique survival game where you will find a way to survive on a deserted island. Find a way to build your home in this strange and dangerous land.

You must mine, build, craft, and explore an island in the multiplayer survival game in order to survive. Tribals, a free and easy-to-play survival game, combines well-known gameplay components from games like ARK Survival, Rust, and Minecraft! You can choose to establish your own base and go to the island alone or with buddies. There is a lot to do, like chasing chickens, avoiding bears, building massive bases, and creating a vast range of tools and weapons. Go outside and create your own character to see how long you can survive. You don't want to learn what it entails if you get too hungry or thirsty while exploring the island! Because there are so many different items to acquire and many more to produce, you'll never run out of things to do! See how long you and your friends can coexist peacefully or in conflict. You may play tribals alone or with others, so make a decision as soon as possible! Can you conquer the island and establish the superiority of your tribe?

How to play

  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Move: WASD
  • Use the microphone: Press
  • Main action: Left mouse button
  • Open inventory: Tab
  • Use text chat: Enter
  • Build menu: Right click

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