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UNO Online

About UNO Online


UNO Online is the most popular board game today for you to play with your friends or other difficult players. Are you confident in your abilities?

The game first debuted in 1971 in a tiny suburb, where it continued to grow and improve until its license was acquired by a bigger business than understood how to spread it far and wide to youngsters and the whole world's population. Being the first player to 500 points wins the game, however, 500 points can't be earned in a single game, therefore you'll need to play numerous rounds to get there. The deck includes 108 cards as well as 4 WILD and Wild Draw FOUR cards as well as an additional 25 colored cards (yellow, blue, red, and green).

Each player must get 7 cards from the dealer to begin the game, and the player who goes first will be the first to the dealer's left. One of the following actions must be taken to begin the game:

  • to place a card on the table that matches the card that is currently face-down in color, symbol, or number.
  • If the card isn't an exception to the rules of the game, you may play a Wild or Wild Draw card.
  • alternatively, you may remove a fresh book from its packaging and set it down if it fits.


  1. If a player forgets to damage UNO before the last card (at the penultimate card), he is penalized and will have to take another turn, ie to pick up another card from the dealer.
  2. If you are playing a Wild Draw Four card, you will need to show the player who requested it that you do not have another solution (ie that you do not have a card of the same color as the card that is already down), and if you have abused it. Wild Draw Four and you actually had a card that matched the card that was down, you will have to be penalized.

How to play UNO Online:

Try to match the card in the discard pile when it is your turn, either by color, number, or symbol. You must draw a card from the pile if you are unable to. You may play it in the same round if it can be done so. If not, it's the turn of the next player. If there is just one card remaining, you must push UNO; otherwise, you must pick up two cards as a result. Additionally, certain special cards allow you to perform unique acts.

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