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Uphill Rush 10

About Uphill Rush 10


Uphill Rush 10 is a racing game where you drive a cool vehicle and destroy all objects on the road. Collect coins and damage the objects all can earn coins.

If you are too familiar with other racing games where you always must avoid other vehicles, Uphill Rush 10 can be your new choice. In the game, your task is to drive the vehicle to collide with all objects on the road. It sounds strange and exciting. You don’t need to avoid any obstacles; just move straight ahead. However, it doesn’t mean your character is immortal. The game will be over if you fall on the character’s head. Moreover, when you drive to the straight slopes, you need to press the space bar to power up and get over them. When the vehicles go down the slopes, let's make cool flips to show your skills. Don’t forget to keep balance in the vehicle and be safe. 

With the easy gameplay and simple control, you will love the game ai first play with the easy gameplay and simple control. Use the up arrow to move forward and keep balance with the right and left arrows. When moving on the road, don’t forget to collect coins, money and gems. Then you can use them to unlock many new vehicles and upgrade your engines. 

Features of Uphill Rush 10

  • Level up
  • Reach the destination to pass the levels
  • Fun and exciting game.

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move the vehicles
  • Press the space bar to speed up

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