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Uphill Rush 11


About Uphill Rush 11


Uphill Rush 11 is the next version of the most popular game series in 2022. Join the game to enjoy the true cool feeling when sliding down the dream pipe.

Uphill Rush 11 lets you feel the cool water's air! Everyone dreams of taking an exhilarating ride down a giant water slide. Come now and feel the excitement of seeing this dream come true!

You are once again racing against time in this installment of the venerable action game series, but this time you are vacationing on a cruise liner. Select a floating ring or open up more options, including water scooters. Get in your preferred vehicle and speed downhill all the way to the end. With the money you earn, you may unlock new characters to liven up your gaming. You might also invest the cash you earn from riding the waterslide in improving your character's talents. For higher levels, you can enhance your acceleration, speed, balance, and boost. The cruise ship has twenty cabins. You may experience a brand-new parkour at each of these locations, complete with dizzying hoops and enormous slides. Earn stars by completing the parkour as quickly as you can, rushing through the slides, collecting the coins, and slamming into the barriers.

Release Date

  • December 13, 2022


  • Agame developed Uphill Rush 11.


  • Stunning 2D visuals
  • Use water scooters and inflatable rings to open
  • 20 tiers
  • Exciting road maps to quickly navigate
  • Capable of improvement

How to play

The arrow keys can be used to maintain equilibrium. You'll have to start over if you capsize! When the lightning emblem loads, pressing the space bar will start a speed increase. Gather coins to improve the power stats of your float and swimmers.

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