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Description is the most popular voxel multiplayer first-person shooter, with influences from Minecraft, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike. Enjoy it now

To gain an edge and win, players must strategically build, craft, and shoot on the battlefield. If you're being attacked, you can swiftly construct a defensive wall. You may also mine a variety of materials to improve your weapon. The mix of constructing and crafting creates the most unique and enjoyable first-person shooting experience for gamers.

Shovels and Blocks

Dirt, sand, environmental stone bricks, cacti, water, and other sorts of blocks may be found throughout the game. The hardness of the blocks varies. To shatter blocks quicker, players can utilize higher-rank shovels. Bullets can also cause damage to blocks when they hit them. The game includes block physics, with floating bricks being immediately destroyed.


In, there are two construction modes: single block and wall. Players may either set blocks one at a time or in groups of up to nine to rapidly build a wall in front of them. To get an advantage over others, strategically place blocks on the battlefield.


Varied things in the game have different weights, which affects the player's movement speed. Guns, for example, impede the player's movement, thus it's best for them to carry alternative tools like a spade to boost their mobility. In addition to sprinting and crouching to walk through smaller tunnels, players may also run to boost their speed.


Each map is fully random and mechanically produced. To prepare your strategy for each game, utilize the small map in the upper left corner or hold tab to view the entire map.


Toggle inventory by pressing X. Inventory control is critical for success. Ammunition, blocks, firearms, shovels, and consumables should all be properly planned for. Each player has five spots for a Hotbar, five slots for storage, and five slots for ammunition. Pickups of items are automated. Players can also drop stuff by pressing G or clicking objects outside of the inventory display with the mouse.


Shield potions may be used to boost a player's shield, which starts at 100 health (up to 100). In addition, healing supplies such as the medicine pill and first aid kit are available to help players regain their health. Consumables may be discovered in chests/crates all around the map.

How to play

  • W - Walk ahead
  • S - Take a step backward
  • D - Walk right Space - Jump A - Walk left D - Walk right
  • X - Open Inventory E - Interact (Use mouse left-click and right-click to swap items)
  • Crouch if you hold C.
  • Holding down the shift key enables you to sprint.
  • Keep the tab pressed to see the map.
  • Left The primary action of the mouse button on an object is: Shoot / Use / Consume Item Properly Secondary action on the item: Mouse Button Switch block placement mode / Aim

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