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About Voxorp


About Voxorp

Welcome to Voxorp, an incredible 3D adventure game. where you can fight dangerous creatures, build any type of construction, and explore an open environment.

Game graphics

The game has simple but beautiful voxel graphics and vivid sound. Characters and scenes are designed in a cubic style.

Game request

You must be able to control a character, explore the environment, construct buildings, and fight monsters to play Voxorp. In multiplayer mode, you can play alone or with others.

Some tips

  • To build structures like houses, railways, bridges, etc., you should mine materials like wood, stone, metal, etc. Tools such as drills, hammers, and saws can also be used to assist in the construction process.
  • Launch the game and select a game mode: Sandbox to explore the game's features, Multiplayer to play with others, or Single-player to play alone.
  • Investigate large areas, search for materials, construct random buildings, and engage in combat with hostile animals. To receive rewards and advance your character, you can also participate in quests and overcome difficulties.

How to play

  • To move, use the WASD keys.
  • To attack, use the left mouse button. To detonate explosives, use the right mouse button.
  • To switch weapons, use the number keys.
  • To interact with items, press the E Key.
  • Use the Q key to access the building control panel.
  • Use the tab key to access the control panel.
  • Esc to display the menu.

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