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Warzone Getaway 2020

About Warzone Getaway 2020


Warzone Getaway 2020 is a shooting game that helps you experience the feeling of performing dangerous missions. Find a way to escape from the crowd chasing you.

You should aim the enemies precisely in Warzone Getaway 2020 because some enemies are scrambling for your valuable goods and you need to stop them. When the competition is fierce, both sides will use all means to hurt each other. Luckily, you're on your side and it's time to prove to the opposition that they're dealing with the wrong person!

The rules

To complete each round of this game you have to eliminate every enemy before they can damage your cargo truck. To play the game, you can use the mouse. To aim and shoot while playing the game, use YOUR MOUSE. Shoot your opponents until their health bar is zero to eliminate them. All your opponents have health bars.

You can deploy explosives and even the air force to your advantage if you feel overwhelmed by the relentless onslaught of enemies. You will collect coins when completing the waves. These can be used in the game to purchase a variety of enhancements.

How to play

  • To aim and shoot, use the mouse.
  • To reload your weapon, use the R key.
  • To throw the bomb, press the Z key.
  • To refill the oil, press the X key.
  • To request air support, use the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys. , 5, and C.

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