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Wheelie Bike

About Wheelie Bike


In the game Wheelie Bike, you have to perform a difficult challenge, which is to control the bike with only one wheel. Help the stickman complete this difficult task! You have to hold the left mouse button to raise the rear wheel of the car and try to maintain balance when going through different terrains. This game is completely physics-based. It is not an easy challenge for beginners to play this genre. All you need to do is practice until you feel familiar with the mechanics of the bike. In addition to the unique gameplay, this game is also loved for its simple but attractive graphics and vivid sound.


  • Balancing with only one bicycle wheel is extremely difficult. You can completely fall immediately if you do not know the trick to making that action easier. Your bicycle saddle should be in the center position.
  • Change your practice equipment to medium. When learning to ride a unicycle, you don't have to move too fast. You can raise the wheel at a sufficient speed
  • If you have plenty of room to accelerate and balance, it will be simpler for you. You can practice your talent.

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