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Where's My Pizza?

About Where's My Pizza?


Where's My Pizza? is a game that helps you transform into a skilled cake delivery worker. Use your skillful driving skills to bring hot cakes to your guests.

Where's My Pizza? a 3D skill game is played. You take on the role of a typical pizza delivery driver in a small town. Making, baking, and serving delicious pizzas to the neighborhood's hungry citizens is your responsibility at Paolo's. Move slowly through the traffic as you deliver the pizzas to avoid dropping any or triggering an accident. Apply the brakes slowly when it's crucial to avoid obstacles and speed bumps. Furthermore, you must act swiftly to serve the food while it's still hot! If the pizza and service are both excellent, you'll get more tips. When your company gains popularity, you may extend your delivery area and make improvements like upgrading your trailer and purchasing new meals and equipment. It's even feasible to serve VIP clientele, but you'll have to prepare the pizza yourself from scratch. Don't forget to share Where's My Pizza? with your friends to show them Who's a Better Cook!

How to play

  • To drive, hold down the spacebar or the left mouse button.

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