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About WorldZ


WorldZ is a unique survival game with many elements like the famous Minecraft game. Zombies are always lurking around you, collect the tools to survive.

Your only objective in this third-person shooter will be to stay alive on a planet overrun by zombie hordes. Make an effort to gather everything of value that you can locate on the ground. Aside from that, there are a number of other instruments that may be used, such as an axe, to chop down trees. You'll also locate a vehicle in the nearby settlement, but you need to use extreme caution while approaching it since it's surrounded by zombies. If you don't try to meet the fundamental requirements of your characters, you're going to meet a horrific end.

Game modes

  • Survival is your only goal in Zombie Land, which is overrun by the undead.
  • Deathmatch is when you have to battle zombies in a confined space.
  • Sandbox where one may try out many things


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Ctrl or left-click to shoot
  • R to reload
  • Shift to run
  • E to open craft menu
  • Esc to open the menu

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