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Zipline Rescue

About Zipline Rescue


Zipline Rescue is the most engaging puzzle game available today for great players like you to experience. Use your intelligence to help people move safely.

When a person finds himself in a precarious circumstance, his first thought is to pray for deliverance; it does not matter to him how this will be accomplished; the thing that matters most is the outcome. In our narrative, "Zipline Rescue," you are tasked with rescuing a large number of individuals who are trapped on a nearby island. You have devised an innovative method, which consists of tugging a rope since it is difficult to leave this location; even a helicopter will not be of any use. It has to be dragged around potentially hazardous locations and then secured in a secure location. You will discover where the anchor point is located. After then, click on the individuals to make it so that each of them slides down in turn until they have all crossed over to one.

How can you play this game?

  • Very simple to play, you just need to flexibly use the mouse to complete the challenge

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