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About Rubek


A simple color-based puzzle game called Rubek. When you come to the conclusion and figure out how to solve the puzzles. Are you confident to solve it or not?

Rubek riddles may be solved by rolling on a platform, gathering colours, and doing so. Roll to carry out your plans after scanning the arena. Pick up the colours, arrange them in your cube, and walk on the vibrant tiles with their assistance. To advance a level, traverse boundaries and cross the finish line!

This is the tale of a cube navigating a labyrinth of challenging levels and colour puzzles in an effort to go home. By deciphering these puzzles, opening doors, turning on devices, and planning your course to victory, you may assist it. The rules of this adventure are difficult, but nothing you can't overcome with little practice. Use a face of the same colour as the tile you are crossing to walk on it. Step on the vibrant plus signs to apply face paint. Match the colours as you roll around the level, dodging hazards in your path. Press the buttons to turn on devices and discover new surfaces that might alter the course of the game. To gather stars from levels and climb up the world leaderboard, use the fewest moves possible. Discover over 70 distinct levels with serene, minimalistic settings, then solve every problem!


  • Colourful 3D graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Unique minimalistic theme
  • Fun for all ages
  • Available on mobile

How to play Rubek:

  • Instructions WADS or arrow keys may be used to move the cube. likewise, be moved by clicking and dragging

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